The Amazing Health Benefits of Inhaling Pink Himalayan Salt & How to Do It Properly

The Himalayan pink salt is probably one of the purest salts on the whole planet. For hundreds of years it was protected from the air pollution deep in the caves of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

It is the healthiest salt in the world being rich in minerals containing 84 of them and as well as trace elements. As a result of that it offers a wide range of healthy medicinal properties.

The Himalayan pink salt is an incredible substitute for the processed table salt, and it can be used as a bath soak or body scrub. There are also the pink Himalayan salt lamps, and additionally this salt can be used as a salt inhaler and thus gaining all its health benefits.

The salt inhaler contains small Himalayan salt rocks at the bottom, and once you inhale, the natural moisture of the air helps to absorb the salt particles into the lungs. This will be of great help when dealing with allergies, congestion, colds, and asthma. This method is all-natural and safe for use showing no adverse effects.

Health Benefits of the Use of Salt Inhalers:

Relieve Sinus Issues

The therapy based on salt inhalation boosts the respiratory system, and successfully treats respiratory issues thanks to the inhalation of pure, ionized air in salt mines. The use of a salt inhaler will also treat the general irritation as a result of smoking and air pollution.

Protect from Mucus Buildup

The Himalayan pink salt will cleanse the body of the mucus deposits as a result of the toxins in the air. The use of these inhalers will alleviate congestion and remove mucus buildup.

Protect against Harmful Organisms

This salt contains powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties thus being able to protect the body from many harmful organisms. Plus, it boosts the immunity as a result of the high content of minerals and natural elements.

Body Detox

The lungs are under constant stress as a result of the air pollution. Plus, the air we breathe in is loaded with chemical pollutants, dust, smoke, smog, and pet dander. For that reason, the Himalayan salt inhaler will come handy as it can detoxify the air around us and as well as our lungs.

Better sleep

Thanks to the use of these salt inhalers the nighttime cough will be successfully relieved and the snoring soothed by decreasing mucous build up and congestion.  They will help you to breathe easily and thus get the required rest.

Here is the way how to use them:

Make sure to use ceramic inhaler, and in it put the Himalayan rocks. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, and then begin breathing slowly and deeply through the mouth, and exhaling through the nose. Thanks to the deep breathing the small salt ions will go directly to the lungs bypassing the nasal filtering system. The lungs will easily absorb them and thus entering into the bloodstream, where they will relieve the inflammation and pain which have occurred due to various respiratory issues, including asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

In this therapy do not use water.

In the video below there is extra information on the use and benefits of these salt inhalers:

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