The Dangers & Health Risks of Wearing a Bra for Too Long

Brassieres are indispensible women’s underwear, but there have been many controversies if their use is healthy. Namely, bra wearing has been related to sagging breasts and breast cancer.

However, wearing bras are important as they are needed for the maintenance of the breasts, especially larger ones. Women report pain in the back when not wearing bra, therefore their use is highly needed.

But, the fact remains that not all the bras are good for the health of the breasts, especially the fancy ones like the push-up bras that make the breasts bigger in a visual sense. This bra model can pose great risk to your health which is not the case with wearing a regular one.

Wearing the Wrong Bra Can Harm Your Health

Here it is why:

As per conducted studies, wearing bra can cause breast cancer. Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer anthropologists, authors of the book Dressed to Kill (1995) released a comprehensive study on this issue where 4,000 women were involved. In this study was confirmed the relation of breast cancer and the wearing of bra, especially a bad one.

It was demonstrated that by wearing the bra the lymph flow is being disrupted, thus elevating the risk of breast cancer. The risk is even higher in women who tend to wear bras most of the time.

Here are the findings of this study:

  • Ladies who tend to wear a bra 24 hours a day are at 3 to 4 times higher risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Ladies who tend to wear a bra for 12 hours per day, but remove it while sleeping are at lower risk, namely 1 out of 7 is at risk of developing a breast cancer.
  • Ladies who tend to wear a bra less than 12 hours per day, the risk goes down, namely 1 out of 52 is at risk of developing a breast cancer.
  • Ladies who rarely wear a bra, or never do are at the lowest risk of getting a breast cancer, namely 1 out of 168 is at risk of getting breast cancer.

In addition to these conclusions the anthropologists examined the past habits of these women so that to determine and comprehend the different stages of evolution of this terrible disease. The theories of these anthropologies are scientifically proven as many scientists and health experts confirmed that wearing a tight bra impedes the lymphatic drainage, which can eventually cause breast cancer. The proper lymph flow takes a crucial role in supporting blood circulation and removal of all dangerous toxins from the body.

When there is a poor lymphatic drainage the presence of aluminum in the body that enters through metal or applied antiperspirants becomes a potentially dangerous source of toxins that buildup in this body area.

In order to remain healthy there has to be a proper lymphatic circulation so that to ensure the regeneration of tissues. You can compare the bra wearing with when you are on the plane for long hours and due to the long time in a sitting position: your feet and ankles swell because the lymphatic circulation is blocked. This is the same thing that happens to your breasts when wearing a tight bra for a long period of time. The lymphatic drainage is being blocked and the harmful toxins and waste will stay in your breasts which contribute to the development of breast cancer.

There have been many studies on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a bra. Here it is what French researchers have come to the conclusion.

A French Study on the Side-effects of Wearing a Bra

This study was conducted by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon who revealed that women who were not wearing a bra had a stronger muscle tissue which was not the case with women who stayed faithful to the habit of wearing a bra. In fact, the weakened muscle tissue is a potential risk factor for sagging breast.

In addition to this, the risk of breast cancer is higher in women who wear a bra more than 12 hours a day. This habit can affect the health of women via other mechanisms like temperature since they are the external parts of the body and naturally have a lower temperature. The temperature can negatively affect the hormone production.

How to protect your body from breast cancer?

As we have revealed the health of breasts depends on the good lymphatic drainage which can be hampered by wearing wrong underwear. Women tend to wear fashionable bras, but although they may offer the look that you want to have they are bad for your breasts, and healthy breast are always the most beautiful breasts in the world.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to wear a comfortable well-fitting bra with the right number and size that will not influence the proper lymphatic drainage.

However, the best option would be not to wear a bra at all. Most women find this embarrassing because the nipples become “visible” and some do not feel comfortable if they do not have the right support for their breasts. Fortunately, there are wear clothing with integrated “support”.

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