The Shape of Your Thumb Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

We all have different physical traits; these characteristics reveal a lot about our character and personality. This is reflected by the shape of our thumb and the flexibility and the size of the phalanges in our finger.

According to these characteristics of our finger we can determine 5 different types of temperaments. This can tell us about our aspirations, dreams, or moods.

Believe it or not, but our thumb can reveal many things about our personality. If you look carefully at the thumbs of the people you know, you will see that we all have different thumbs and that difference distinct us as separate individuals reflecting our own specific character.

Here below we shall present you 5 types of thumbs:

Type A

When the upper phalanx is larger than the lower one

If you have this shape of a thumb, then you have higher standards than the rest of the people. You do not accept mediocrity, but you go for higher goals and purposes in life. This shape reveals that you want and tend to be excellent in everything you do, and you strive very hard to achieve that. Even when you seem silent the inside of you still works how to win and reach the aimed things in life.

This can become an obsession and the desire for success can be very intense. However, you do not brag about it or constantly impose this to everyone. It is your success and the most satisfaction is felt by you knowing that you have succeeded in your goals.

Type B

The lower phalanx is larger than the top one

The main characteristic features of this person having this thumb shape are calamity, serenity and duty. This person is very attached to his origins showing a great sense of humility. If you know such person with this shape of thumb rest assure that every promise that has made to you will be fulfilled.

He or she values every small pleasure that life offers. For instance, a great joy for this person is finding peace in walks in nature, breathing fresh air, then experiencing special moments with his family, or simply having a cup of tea or coffee with friends. These small occasions fulfill its being and offering the strength during the day. This person is very much with his feet on the ground, but the ideals are still there for him. The existence of incredible sense of duty will offer the help to the person who has been there for him in his life. A person with this thumb shape is loving and very generous person.

Type C

The phalanges are of equal size

The balance in life is the supreme goal for this person and he or she will strive with every atom of its body to achieve that. Achieving balance in the different fields of life and reaching the wanted harmony and peace is the ultimate fulfillment for this person. This particular person aims to bring people together around an ideal, and the need for balance is immense and if that is not achieved this person cannot accept it. The life of this person revolves around physical, spiritual and emotional harmony. You are dealing with a persistent person when balance is concerned.

The other characteristics of this person are tempered emotions and keeping a critical sense. Moreover, for every bad thing, this person finds a positive inclination, and very quickly solves any problem.

Type D

Flexible thumb

A person with this thumb shape can easily adjust to any situation. This is a person with great fighting abilities which gives him the ability to closely analyze a situation and thus make the necessary changes that come with it. This great sense of adaptation offers him to take the most of each situation in life and thereby gain resilience.

You are not dealing with a stubborn person, in fact it is an open-minded that can change its mind and thus accept the changes in life. This is of great help in achieving the wanted goals in life.

Type E

A thumb that is inflexible

This person is extremely stubborn who wants to dominate. However, the promises that this person gives to himself are very important and makes sure to fulfill them. This person has set objectives which are not easily changeable and when these objectives are work related he or she gives its best to achieve them.

This type of thumb reveals a person that is kind, trustworthy and because of that people are very interested in him. Thanks to the persevering temperament, this person will easily earn the trust and esteem of his peers.

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