This Blend of Vinegar & Pepper Relieves Knee, Bone and Joint Pain

Arthritis or previously referred as “rheumatism” is manifested by pain in the joints, bones, tendons or ligaments. This condition can seriously affect everyday life and many people have started to experience various issues due to its occurrence.

Rheumatism is an old term no longer used in the medicine as arthritis can be reflected in different forms like the following ones:

Rheumatoid arthritis

This inflammatory condition affects the hands, wrists or feet, and it appears in the age range of 40 to 60 years old mostly targeting the female gender. It results due to genetics or to an autoimmune disease.


Osteoarthritis represents the most common form of arthritis which is characterized by the deterioration of the cartilage between the joints. Commonly the knees, hips, feet or spine are being affected by this type of inflammation. It usually appears in the old age, but it can also appear before midlife as a result of being overweight.


On the other hand, polyarthritis is when multiple joints are being affected by this inflammation. It can be caused by trauma or due to aging, but as well as a result of an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own tissues including the joints as well.

Treatment of arthritis

This condition causes pain especially when the body rests as the pain is more intense when a person wakes up. As a result of that most people are on some anti-inflammatory treatment which removes the inflammation that is the main cause for this disease. However, this condition can easily turn into a chronic one and in time can cause cartilage wear.

The best treatment of every disease is the prevention; in the case of arthritis you should keep a healthy weight index, exercise regularly in order to keep good joint mobility and support muscle mass. Likewise, you need to have a proper rest, relaxation time and a good night sleep. You need to find the balance between relaxation and activity.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies against arthritis pain, and we shall present one below in the text. Naturally, there are many drugs that can offer instant relief but they are showing side effects thus making them harmful for the overall health. On the other hand, natural remedies can be very effective without showing any side effects.

A Natural Arthritis Remedy

This remedy is consisted of three ingredients: apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper powder and fresh ginger.

The Used Ingredients:

  1. Apple cider vinegar

This vinegar has in its content valuable minerals for the body which can lower the pain, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Plus it is a great source of antioxidants, beta-carotene and acetic acid which fight off the harmful free radicals and thus prevent the onset of degenerative diseases such as arthritis.

  1. Cayenne pepper

This spice has in its content an active compound known as capsaicin. This substance can alleviate the pain by having an action on the sensory nerves.

  1. Ginger

This root is known since ancient times due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent due to the content of lipids like leukotriene and unsaturated fatty acids like prostaglandins. Plus, it contains compounds such as shoagols, gingerols and paradols, which act as painkillers.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons of organic cayenne pepper powder
  • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of organic grated ginger

Method of Preparation:

Include the ginger and cayenne pepper into the apple cider vinegar and mix everything till you get a smooth texture. Use this solution on the affected areas, two times a day with a break time of 20 – 30 minutes. After that, wash it off with warm water and gently pat dry the painful areas. Keep the rest of the solution in a fridge for later use.


You may experience tingling sensation after the first application, if this sensation continues after the second use and redness appears stop using this remedy.

After application make sure to wash your hands after using this mixture in order to avoid irritating the mucous membranes or the eyes.

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