This Cancer Vaccine Has Healed 97% of Tumors in Mice & Will Be Tested On Humans Soon

Cancer is still the deadliest disease on the planet taking every year millions of lives. Scientists are struggling to find out the proper cure, and it seems that there is a light of hope.

As per the National Cancer Institute in France over 400,000 people every year become victims of this terrible disease and 150,000 of them lose their lives in the fight against this disease.

This is the disease that we all fear and when we hear that some close one has the cancer diagnoses this brings us great sadness and fear for the person that is near us as we all know that soon he may not be around us anymore. Therefore, scientists everywhere in the world were trying to find the cure for this deadly disease.

The conventional treatments for this devastating disease are chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. These healing methods can be helpful for some patients, but not for all. After such evasive healing methods which are not always one hundred percent effective the person that is near a cancer patient feels great sadness and grief when the final result is terminal.

However, as we mentioned before there is a hope that this disease will be defeated by the cancer patient once and for all. Namely, scientists have discovered a vaccine that has killed 97% of mouse tumors, and very soon this vaccine will be administrated on humans.

The alarming figures of cancer victims pushed scientists to work even harder to determine the real cause of this disease so that they can easily eliminate it from the body of a cancer patient. The great search of finding the possible cure for this disease was when they have tested a vaccine on mice that were infected with cancer tumors. The results in this testing were incredible and this is probably the new cure of cancer. The well-known American University Stanford states that in their study this new vaccine has healed 97% of tumors in mice.

Thanks to this new discovery many human lives will be saved, and many people will have back their smiles on the faces. US researchers have come to this amazing breakthrough which demonstrated incredible positive results in animals, but would it be as effective in people as in mice.

Let us hope that this vaccine is the new breakthrough in medicine which will save us all from the ongoing threat of cancer.

The New Possible Vaccine for Cancer

Researchers at Stanford University in US have proved the efficacy of the vaccine based on a type of DNA segments against the proliferation of cancerous tumors. The scientists in this study claim that this new vaccine would stimulate the function of the immune system and thus more effectively attack cancer cells and in that way hinder their proliferation.

The use of this vaccine showed efficacy in the removal of lymphomas, and as well as on cancers that have spread in other several other body organs in mice, without causing any adverse effects on their health.

Nevertheless, regardless of the amazing positive results in mice there is still needed research especially when humans are concerned as the immune mechanisms of humans are not quite similar to those ones of mice. Therefore, it is possible that this vaccine may not show the same efficacy in people. The scientists in Stanford will test this therapy on 35 people in order to see how the mechanisms of action from this vaccine will demonstrate and their possible side effects.

Nonetheless, we are still having high hopes that this vaccine will show positive results and that it will be the first effective cure against cancer.

Cancer – the Silent Killer

The cancer is a terrible disease that affects millions of people all around the world. This disease attacks everyone, young and old, poor and rich, men and women, no one can escape it. Therefore, we should do everything that is in our power to prevent it like following a healthy lifestyle with incorporated healthy diet and regular exercising. Moreover, we should never avoid the regular medical checkups, and also support our close ones to do the same as early detection means successful treatment.

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