This Is the Ultimate Exercise to Burn Back & Belly Fat in No Time!

The ideal body shape is something most people strive for, and what if you can have all that in a very short period of time?

We are not offering some magical trick to achieve that but a real effective exercise that when implemented in your workout will provide you with all that.

Have in mind this is not some easy solution, you will have to work for it, but for that you will need to spend only 4 minutes of your time.  It is worth to try it out.

If you follow this exercise regularly, in only 28 days you will start to experience the positive effects, and you will be amazed how your body shapes. The body fat will be decreased and your strength and endurance enhanced.

Plank Challenge

You are not starting immediately with the performance of this challenge for 4 minutes, but in the first week the planking lasts for 20 to 45 seconds performed every day, and by the end of the challenge it will last up to 3 to 4 minutes. You will reach the utmost effect of this workout by doing it gradually.

Have in mind that this is a full body workout, and the muscles that are being engaged are located in various body parts. As a result of that the body very quickly transforms in the shape that you have always wanted.

Make sure to perform it correctly, and because of that follow the guideline.

Plank Challenge Guideline

1st to 2nd    Day – hold the plank for 20 seconds

3rd to 4th    Day – increase up to 30 seconds

         5th     Day – go for 40 seconds

         6th     Day – rest

7th to 8th     Day – plank for 45 seconds

9th to 10th   Day – keep the plank for 60 seconds

          12th  Day – plank for full 90 seconds

          13th  Day – rest

14th to 15th  Day – plank for 90 seconds

16th to 17th  Day – hold the plank position for 2 minutes.

           18th   Day – plank for 150seconds

           19th   Day – rest

20th to 21st   Day – hold the plank for 150 seconds

22nd to 23rd  Day – increase the planking time up to 180 seconds

            24th  Day – plank for 210 seconds

            25th  Day – rest

            26th   Day – plank for 210 seconds

            27th   Day – hold the plank for 240 seconds

            28th   Day – try to hold it as long as you can!

Once you have finished the challenge, you will be amazed by the results because they are already visible. However, do not stop at the 28th day, but continue with the plank challenge on regular basis.

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