This Powerful Combo of Castor Oil & Baking Soda Can Treat Over 20 Health Issues

In this modern age we have started very much to rely on the use of prescription drugs which at some point can be helpful, but most of them are packed with harmful chemicals. Many studies have proven these side effects and because of that people slowly but surely turn to the use of the natural remedies.

These remedies are based on natural ingredients thus making them safe for use, plus they have been used for centuries which makes them as well as very effective.

An amazing traditional natural remedy is castor oil which has been proven to be very efficient in the treatment of various health issues. It can boost the blood circulation, and once combined with baking soda used as a coating, it can offer incredible health advantages.

Here is how you can use this amazing combo:

  • First nicely clean the affected area with a baking soda solution. Then, heat the cold pressed castor oil and soak clean gauze in it. Use in on the affected area and secure it with a plastic foil. Place over it a bottle of warm water, and then wrap it with a towel. Let it act for 60 minutes. Repeat this treatment on daily basis for 40 days.

23 Uses of Castor Oil:

  1. Treats hepatitis.
  2. For the treatment of lower back pain, you should apply coatings soaked in castor oil for a week.
  3. Speeds up the healing process of wounds, minor cuts, and bruises.
  4. Deals with cataracts by putting a drop of castor oil in the affected eye before going to bed.
  5. Treats pilonidal cyst.
  6. In order to treat stomach hyperactivity apply castor oil coatings on the stomach area.
  7. Treat tinnitus by taking 6 to 8 drops of castor oil for 4 months consecutively.
  8. Eliminates moles, by rubbing them with castor oil for a month.
  9. Warts are also eliminated by rubbing them with it for a month.
  10. Relieves bee stings and prevents the swelling.
  11. Deals with chronic diarrhea, and for that purpose you need to apply a coating soaked in castor oil.
  12. Boosts the hearing ability by placing several castor oil drops in the ears.
  13. Treats vocal cords nodules and chronic vocal hoarseness, hence use a castor oil coating on your neck every day.
  14. The snoring issue can be easily fixed if you apply castor oil coatings on the stomach on daily basis for 2 weeks in a row.
  15. In order to relieve the symptoms of allergies, make sure to consume 5 drops of this oil each morning.
  16. If you have an issue with a sprained ankle, you should wrap a castor oil around it, and let it act till the next morning.
  17. If you are pregnant and want to protect your stomach from the occurrence of stretch marks, then you should massage it with castor oil in the last two months of the pregnancy.
  18. Remove calcium deposits by daily massaging the soles with castor oil.
  19. Castor oil help with the nicotine and alcohol addiction, therefore take in several drops of castor oil on daily basis.
  20. Gets rid of the dark spots on the face by applying a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.
  21. Deals with eye allergies, and because of that rub castor oil on your eyelids before going to bed.
  22. Boosts hair growth, and for that purpose massage the scalp with castor oil for 20 minutes prior shampooing.
  23. In order to treat a fungal infection of the feet, you should apply this oil on the affected areas every day.

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