Traditional Chinese Recipe to Fall Asleep in Less Than 10 Minutes

As a result of the stressful life that many people lead experiencing a sleeping disorder has become a common issue. But, having a proper sleep is very important for the body, and because of that we need to find the right solution and treat issues like insomnia.

The traditional Chinese medicine offers an amazing recipe for herbal tea that can make you fall asleep within 10 minutes.

Insomnia results from a difficulty getting to sleep or not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep can very much influence the daily mood and the performance of everyday activities. Not enough sleep contributes to irritability, drowsiness, lack of concentration in your workplace and many more other things. Not to mention the fact that it can cause many health issues.

You should know that there are two types of insomnia:

  • Temporary insomnia which is linked to a certain situation that is the source of stress.
  • Chronic insomnia is when having difficulty to fall asleep for several nights a week.

Here it is what the traditional Chinese medicine offers regarding this issue:

The Chinese medicine treats sleeping disorders by the consumption of an herbal tea which is based on medicinal plants, following the traditional oriental medicine. Thanks to the intake of this tea you will be free of any sleeping issue in the future.

Chinese medicine has been proven to be very efficient in the treatment of various ailments, and all thanks to the use of various medicinal plants that display incredible healing properties.

A Tea Recipe for Better Sleep

It is an amazing recipe that will make you to easily and quickly fall asleep providing your body with the needed restful sleep. Plus, thanks to its consumption you will boost your immunity system and as well as your overall health and well-being.

Required Ingredients:

  • Valerian, dried
  • Chamomile, dried
  • Little bit of dry lavender
  • Fresh tangerine zest, organic


All you need to do is to crush the ingredients and combine them together. In a cup of boiling water, stir in a tablespoon of this mixture, and let it infuse for a few minutes. After that, your tea is ready for consumption.


Drink this tea before going to bed, best one hour before bedtime.


Use only freshly peeled tangerine peel and make sure to nicely wash the fruit before use in order for the skin to keep its qualities.

The health benefits of the used ingredients:

  1. Valerian

This plant has been used since ancient times, namely even the ancient Greeks used it to treat sleep disorders. The root contains all the medicinal properties, and because of that it was subjected to many scientific researches by the WHO – World Health Organization. This organization revealed that the use of this plant lowers the nervousness, stress and even regulates sleep.

  1. Chamomile

This herb has been always present in a wide range of grandmothers’ recipes which better the sleep quality and lower the anxiety and agitation before going to sleep. It is a natural and healthy alternative for getting the needed sleep which is not the case with the commonly used sleeping pills that can cause an addiction. It shows sedative effects due to the presence of the active substance in chamomile known as apigenin.

  1. Lavender

The name of this plant comes from the Latin word “lavare” meaning to purify and cleanse. Lavender contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and as well as soothing and calming qualities thanks to its pleasant fragrance. The most often used product from lavender is the essential lavender oil which can be included in the bath water, placed on the pillow or as a perfume diffuser that promotes relaxation.

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