Walking Improves Brain Activity, Fights Depression, Reduces Obesity & Treats Other Conditions

Walking improves brain activity! – According to many scientific studies.

This is a basic physical activity that has been performed by people since the beginning of time. In the far past it was the only transportation that the human beings had.

Therefore, in this modern way of living that involves plenty of sitting hours we have forgotten to practice this basic activity frequently. This is the only activity for which we do not need any special equipment or condition. Not to mention the fact how beneficial it can be for our shape, weight and overall health.

Walking can be practiced by anyone form a little child to an elderly person. A baby instinctively learns to stand up and walk from 8 months, and as adults we practice the march which symbolizes our specific fight for freedom.

Walking positively affects the body and as well as the mind. By taking care of our body we are also taking care of our brain. Here it is what benefits can bring to your brain.

How walking affects our brain

It is a known fact that the practice of a physical activity can positively influence the brain since it elevates the formation of synapses, areas of contact between cells which release the hormones at the origin of neurogenesis. This is a process of formation of a neuron from a neural stem cell.

For that reason scientists recommend walking and many researchers have conducted studies how walking can affect our brain. In one particular study performed by Japanese scientists on elderly people, it was revealed that the practice of regular walk improved the brain activity. In addition to this, researchers have found out that physical training involving walking, aerobics and physiotherapy positively influences the brain regions related to memory.

Another conducted study by scientists revealed that daily walking particularly when done in nature boosts our mood and influences the autonomic nervous system which regulates different important functions like respiration, digestion, or cardiac muscle activity.

If you combine walking with another task like performing mental calculations or talking you can activate the frontal lobe, which is a brain area related to consciousness, intention, and movement.

Walking and its Advantages

  1. Protects from cardiovascular diseases

If you want to protect your body from the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, you should regularly practice walking. It can lower high blood pressure; reduce fat accumulation, and better cardiac endurance.

  1. Prevents obesity

Since it is a physical activity it burns calories and in that way battles overweight and obesity. Walking is the simplest physical activity that can help you in losing weight and regulating the weight. It eliminates toxins and calories and positively affects the insulin resistance.

  1. Fights depression

As per a performed scientific study, walking and Nordic walking can lower the symptoms of depression and help with mood disorders. While walking the body releases endorphins which are hormones of pleasure and thus fighting depression.

  1. Offers longevity

According to a performed study which involved non-smoking elderly people, researchers found out that regular walking increases longevity. It was revealed that the ones that walked regularly lived in average 7 years more than the ones who did not. Therefore, it was concluded that regular walking prolongs the life span of a person.

In order to obtain all these amazing health benefits practice regular walking. Forget the car and start walking. We recommend you to do it every evening and thus obtain all its amazing benefits.

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