Women Who Smoke Cannabis Are Smarter, According to Study

The use of cannabis has always been disputed and questionable, but there are many studies that reveal so many things about its use. Namely, in 2014 the OFDT, the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction, released a report that there are over 4.6 million cannabis users on a yearly basis, including at least 1.4 million regular users in France.

One of the latest conclusions among the possible harmful effects of its use is the benefits in the sense of our intelligence quotient, IQ.

How cannabis affects our health?

INSERM reports that cannabis and its derivatives when used as a recreational “soft” drug, there are no health consequences. However, if the consumption is not medically observed, the questions pops does its use show harmful consequences, cognitive effects and as well as psychiatric consequences.

In a study carried out by INSERM it was clearly shown that exposure to cannabinoids in adolescents can substantially hamper the structural maturation of neuronal circuits thereby causing a change of the cognitive function in adulthood. The harmful aspects of the use of cannabis in respect of cognitive function and physical health like inducing cardiac or even respiratory complications were confirmed, but there is a possibility that cannabis use may have a positive impact, especially on the IQ in the female gender?

Women’s IQ gets better by the use of cannabis as per conducted study

In this study were involved more than 11,000 subjectswho were questioned about their adult use of cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamine. When compared the use of cannabis in respect of psychological distress in adolescence and socio-economic status throughout life there was nodifference in the effects of illicit drugs in the use of men and women.

However, when the intelligence factor was taken into consideration along with the age, psychological distress, socio-economic status and drug use, the study revealed that men with a high IQ were 50% more likely to use amphetamines, ecstasy and several illicit drugs, including cannabis later in life which was not the case with people with lower IQ. In the case of women the percentage was double for the women with high IQ than from the women with lower IQ. So, these women were more likely that after 25 years they will use cannabis and cocaine.

The study does not analyze the relation between cannabis use and the level of IQ. Yet, it was concluded that smarter people, especially women, are just more inclined in trying new experiences.

This study does not favor the use of cannabis in stimulating higher IQ, juts states the fact that those subjects in the study that developed higher IQs may be linked to the use of illicit drugs particularly cannabis, and that only the female gender experienced this higher IQ level.

The conclusion was referred to the fact that children with high IQ may be more prone to the use illicit drug use in adolescence and adulthood.

Consequences of cannabis on cognitive functioning

The negative effects of cannabis are not disputed, especially when it is based on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) composition. This is not a medical cannabis and when inhaled it substantially induces psychoactive effects by initiating a significant change in behavior. This behavior is manifested by panic attacks, planning and decision-making difficulties, and in some cases even the appearance of paranoia or hallucinations.In fact, the brain medical imaging highlights brain morphological alterations in chronic users of cannabis in adolescents and adults.

However, cannabis contains other second predominant cannabinoid CBD which reveals health benefits and because of that used in therapeutic treatments for Crohn’s disease in multiple sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism, neuropathic pain, and in the treatment of fibromyalgia. This consumption needs to be supervised by qualified health personnel and only the right dosages administrated as if that is not the case it may harm the overall health of the person.

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