You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Might Be Bloated & Here’s How to Get Rid of It

Having a bloated belly can be an issue for both men and women.  The main reason for its occurrence is the buildup of gas in the stomach and intestines which can result after consuming a heavy meal. However, there can be other factors that can cause bloating in the stomach area.

Factors that can Cause Bloated Belly

  1. Fast Consumption of Foods

If you eat too fast you are swallowing big chunks of food that may cause bloating and gas. Proper digestion is achieved if you eat your food in small bites and chew it a lot.

  1. High Intake of Carbs

In order to prevent or reduce the bloated stomach you need to lower the intake of alcohol and sugar and start consuming foods that are low in carbs. You should increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Constipation

One of the reasons for swollen stomach is the constipation which commonly results form not enough fiber consumption. But, you should not immediately introduce foods with high fiber content as taking too much of them can lead to bloating. You should start with foods that contain little fiber. Avoid the consumption of white bread, and consume wholegrain. The intake of fruits, vegetables and fresh smoothies will substantially alleviate constipation and bloating.

  1. Low water consumption

The proper intake of water is very important for the optimal function of the body.  If that is not the case, then many health issues will start to appear like “bloated belly” syndrome. A dehydrated body uses fluids from the tissues, which will consequently lead to bloating. Plus, you may have gas issues due to fluid retention. The condition may get worse if you are consuming plenty of alcohol and coffee.  For that reason, make sure to drink plenty of water like 6 to 8 glasses of water a day so that the body functions accordingly.

  1. Chronic stress

Excessive stress is a number one cause for many health issues including bloating. In fact, it impedes the proper digestion, which leads to stomach pain, constipation and formation of unpleasant gases. Therefore, try to avoid stressful situations in your workplace or daily life, and introduce methods that relax you like yoga, meditation, walk in the nature, and so on.

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