Your Bed is Infested with Bed Bugs that Hurt Your Lungs: Here’s How to Kill Them Quickly, Easily & Naturally

When you think of bed bugs, you have this horrible feeling thinking, are they present in my bed as well. Unfortunately, this is a common issue as these nasty brown creatures are almost invisible for the human eye and can spread really fast. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prevent their occurrence, and detect them on time.

These bed bugs feed on dead skin cells and sweat, and there can be 1.5 million of mites in one bed. They can reach the size of 5mm, and especially like to hide in the nooks of a room like electrical outlets, wallpaper and bedding. They are very active during nighttime when they feed on our blood. If you have in the morning red and painless traces on your skin, then it is most likely that your home has bed bugs or mites.

They can be the root of various health issues like asthma and allergies. The bitten places on the skin can develop large blisters and trigger allergy problems or asthma attacks. Hence, it is important to quickly eliminate them and for that purpose in this article we shall present you five effective methods of getting rid of bed bugs once and for all.

5 Effective Natural Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs

  1. Keep your bed undone in the morning

Although you may immediately want to make your bed so that everything is nicely made and tidy, you should leave it for a while so that it is nicely filtrated. Namely, the human body perspires a lot and during night evacuates up to a liter of sweat, which is the ideal environment for the different types of mites and bed bugs. This method was recommended by Dr. Stephen Pretlove, a lecturer at the University of Lincoln in England who has conducted several studies on mold, mites and pathogens. He suggests leaving the bed undone for a moment, and if you can even for a whole day, so that the bedding is being exposed to the daylight and fresh air which will cause dehydration and kill all those unwanted microscopic insects.

  1. Make sure to wash your sheets once a week

As per the director of the cleaning laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute (UK), Carolyn Forte we should wash regularly bed sheets, covers and pillowcases with hot water once per week in order to prevent the spread of bed bugs and mites.

  1. Do a steam cleaning

Bed bugs and mites cannot stand temperatures over 65 ° C; therefore the steaming cleaning process will be very effective in this case. Use a steam cleaner on the textiles, bedding, and on all corners of the house at a temperature in the range of 120 ° C to 180 ° C. If there is no steam cleaner available in your house, then you should use a vacuum cleaner and be persistent on the slots between each piece of furniture, and after that wash them with hot soapy water. Make certain to clean the vacuum duct so that there are no pins stuck inside.

  1. Sprinkle bean leaves

This method comes from Eastern Europe and its purpose is to create a kind of invisible wall against bed bugs. Bean leaves have microscopic eyelashes that cling to the legs of bed bugs and in that way capture and kill these horrible insects. Therefore, spread a few bean leaves around the bed, sofa and in various corners in your room. Make certain to burn the leaves and bugs that have been caught on it.

  1. Use diatomaceous earth

This product is a natural insecticide made from earth and fossilized shells which can quickly dehydrate and kill bed bugs. You should use it by sprinkling a thin layer in the infested places of the bed mattress and in the nooks of the room. Place it as well as under each footboard of your furniture and apply it on the carpets. The following day, vacuum it up from the places where you have used it. You should repeat this procedure for several days till the bugs are completely gone. Remember to use gloves while applying this insecticide, and close the windows in order to prevent drafts.

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